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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Julia vs. Martha: How does one choose?!?!?

I had a dream last night that I was on Will and Grace. It was the episode with Minnie Driver in Karen's closet and they were both calling Jack and he couldn't decide which one to go to. Only I was Jack, and Karen and Minnie were Julia Child and Martha Stewart. They both kept calling me and didn't know what to do, they're both just so fantastic! So the whole dream I was running back and forth in the closet and then the baby woke me up.
So this morning I'm in the living room disassembling the carseat to try get the formula washed out of it while my little bubba is snoozing and guess what's on IPTV? "Baking with Julia" with special guest Martha Stewart!! I was like "Holy crap! I'm a little bit psychic!!" Obviously it was a rerun, seeing as Julia is dead (sigh) and Martha was actually perky and not quite the hardened soul she is today, but still Julia and Martha so who cares how old it is. It was the best 24 minutes of my week. But the carseat still isn't clean.

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