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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Public Restrooms

I'm a germ-phobe. Always have been. So public bathrooms have never been a very good experience for me. But now it's even worse because when we are out and about I have to not only take care of my own business (as antibacterially as possible) but I also have to manage a diaper change with minimal exposure to other people's cooties. It's very trying. Not all public bathrooms are baby-friendly. And some of them that are baby-friendly are just freakin' gross. Seriously, why would you just leave poopy wipes folded up in the diaper changing station? People are gross. Also, not all diaper changing stations are created equal. Sometimes I wonder who designed some of those things. So I feel like it is my civic duty to report my diaper changing experiences in public places so other people know what they are getting into. I definitely have a list of places that I WON'T go to when I have the kid because it's just not worth the bathroom battle.

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