Noodle Boy is a nickname my son had when he was a tiny guy and I started this blog. His nickname changes all the time. (Don't worry, we keep his real name the same.) He is completely awesome. Read on and see for yourself!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Second breakfast

So I got a job. Man that sucks. Well, sort of. I miss hanging out with Jon all day. He, however, LOVES when I go to work because he gets to go to daycare.

Daycare is great. Daycare has other kids...and cool toys...and second breakfast. Wait, what?

"Go daycare this day, Mom?"
"Yes, Mom's working today."
"What are you talking about?"
"I have more breakfast! One breakfast here, one breakfast daycare. I have two."

OK, so I'm thinking he likes to go to daycare and make pretend breakfast in the little play kitchen. But just to clarify I ask his teacher what he is talking about.
And theeeen it all comes out...

Apparently, the morning he started daycare he saw that breakfast was served and convinced his teacher that he was about to whither away from starvation because his mom didn't give him any breakfast.

He's a little breakfast con artist! The kid is CRAZY about breakfast food, and he will clearly do anything to get it! I had to laugh.

I assured his teacher that he did indeed get breakfast everyday before we left the house, but he could certainly belly up and have "second breakfast" if he wanted to.


Reverend Awesome said...

Oh I love the Jon stories so much! What a little nut!
Tori has a new trick. She pretends she doesn't remember something to do it again. She remembers everything all the time! I'm not buying it.
At Alyssa's birthday party she told me she had a dream that she was a Jedi Knight with Luke Skywalker, but she would tell me the rest when she spends the night.

JenB37 said...

That's funny stuff, Jon pretends he "can't member" stuff too! What a load of crap! Why are they so funny?