Noodle Boy is a nickname my son had when he was a tiny guy and I started this blog. His nickname changes all the time. (Don't worry, we keep his real name the same.) He is completely awesome. Read on and see for yourself!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I try to maintain a regular bedtime routine for my kid. I hear that's what good moms do, so most of the time we get pajamas on, read a few books, throw back some 2% milk, say some prayers and off we go to sleepy town.

I have never been one of those singing moms. Not a big lullaby singer, not a huge fan of "Wheels on the Bus", that's just not my bag. But lately Jon has been wanting me to sing to him. And how can I say no?

So we sing in the bath tub and we sing in the car and, yes, lately we have been singing at bedtime. Usually his requests involve some sort of sheep song: Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Old McDonald, etc. "Baa songs," he calls them.

Until tonight.

Tonight, he decides he wants to hear his favorite song at bedtime. His "rocking song". And by rocking I don't mean in a chair, before bedtime with the lights down low. I mean rocking with drums and an electric guitar.

His new favorite song is "We Will Rock You" by Queen.

He plays the air guitar, I play the air drums as instructed by my tiny rock star: "There's your rocking drums, Mom! You play 'em! You're good at those drums!" Let me just tell you, playing air drums is no small feat when you're trying to drive, which is usually what I am doing when we are listening to the "We Will Song".

So there I am, very softly singing, "Buddy you're a boy make a big noise playin' in the street gonna be a big man someday..." while Jon plays his stuffed sheep like a guitar in the dark. And yes, I had to do the drums.

I can't imagine stuff like this happens at other people's houses.