Noodle Boy is a nickname my son had when he was a tiny guy and I started this blog. His nickname changes all the time. (Don't worry, we keep his real name the same.) He is completely awesome. Read on and see for yourself!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A prayer for Ellie

Jon's cousin Ellie died on October 25, 2010, you can read about her and her amazing mommy here: .

Last night when we were saying bedtime prayers Jon asked about Ellie.

"Mom?  Do you remember Baby Ellie?"

"Yes.  Do you?"

"Yeah.  Where did she go again?"

"Baby Ellie went to heaven to be with the angels."

"Oh.  Why'd she have to go there?"

"Because she got very sick and couldn't get better so God took her to Heaven."

"Oh.  Where's her bones?"

"Do you remember when we went to Ellie's Park and let go of all the balloons?" Our family refers to Ellie's gravesite as "Ellie's Park", for what it is, it's beautiful.


"That's where her bones are."

"If her bones are there, how do her wings work?"

"When people go to Heaven they get brand new bodies when they get their wings. Ellie has healthy new bones in Heaven."

"Oh. When does she come back down here?"

"She doesn't.  But she watches us from Heaven everyday."

"That's why we send her balloons?"

"Yes, we send her balloons so she knows we love her and are thinking of her."

"I love her.  Is Nanny still sad?" "Nanny" is my cousin Tiffany, Ellie's mommy.

"Yes honey, Nanny is still sad."

"I love her, too. Should we say prayers for Ellie?"


"And Nanny and Doof and Max?" "Doof" is Dave, Ellie's daddy and Max is Ellie's brother.


"Can you help me say it?"

"Yes. What would you like to say?"

"Dear God, please keep Baby Ellie safe with the Angels...And...what else?"

"Should we say 'Please help Nanny and Doof and Max everyday?'"

"Yeah that's a good one.  What else?"

"Should we say 'Thank you for sharing Baby Ellie with us?'"

"Yeah, that was nice that Baby Ellie got to be here."

"And what do we say when we're done?"

"AaaaaaaaMEN! I liked that prayer Mom."

If you would like to learn about how you can help families in the Twin Cities area dealing with the sudden loss of a child please visit  Ellie's Light.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Jon said

I promise I'll start blogging more soon, things are just nuts around here lately.  And I've been grumpy.  I will be less lame in a couple weeks.  Until then, back by popular demand...


"Mom, I love you more when you wear that dress than when you wear pants."


Me: "Jon, do you want me to read this book to you?"
Jon: "Let me smell it first...Yep, it's a good one."


"How old do I have to be before we get me a chainsaw?  I mean a real one.  This plastic one doesn't really cut anything."


"Mom you can have this Tootsie Pop.  I don't have the patience for candy that big.


At ten thirty p.m., in the kitchen, LONG after he should have been asleep: "Mom!  Guess what!  We don't need a baby gate on my door anymore, I can climb over it now!  Isn't that GREAT?!"


"Have you noticed there aren't very many submarines around here?"


Jon: "Hey!  What are they shooting out of that tiny shooter thing?"
Me:  "It's called a hot dog gun! They shoot hot dogs out to people in the stands, isn't that funny?"
Jon: "NO. Someone needs to tell him that we only shoot at things, not at people.  He needs to go to time out."