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Monday, July 9, 2012

Baseball game

Oh my word.
It's July.
Summer is half over.

I know that seems like a dramatic statement, but it really is for people in Iowa. For some stupid reason, our kids start school in the middle of August. So summer is whizzing by and I still haven't shared some of the cool stuff from last summer.
I will likely be randomly posting about stuff that happened almost a year ago. Because in my funny little head, Jon is so fabulous that he should be immortalized and this blog is my best chance to make that happen.

Hey, nobody forced you to ride this crazy train, you people are lining up for tickets.

Last summer, my work had an "outing" with employees from other offices in our area and we went to watch the ICubs play at Principal Park . I was sure that Jon was going to have the time of his life.

At the time we were still pretty home based because I was sure that anything later than an 8 o'clock bedtime would warp my child, so a trip to town on a week night made me absolutely GIDDY. Like, up past ten on a school night giddy. Not sure why, for Pete's sake I was 32.

So we went downtown. Jon was pumped. We were having supper "somewhere". Jon loves supper "somewhere", which is any place but our house. We got to the ball field and did some family-friendly tailgating and Jon made fast friends with another little nut that was running around there. They pulled grass by the handful and stuck it down each others shirts and other little boy stuff. It was adorable.

Then it was time to go in. It was time for the BIG fun. Jon got to hold his very own ticket on the way in, which definitely started his night out on the right foot. He thought he was pretty hot stuff walking in the gate with his ticket pressed against his forehead so everybody could see it. The fact that every other person in the stadium had to have a ticket to get in was lost on him. As far as he knew, he had the golden ticket.

Another plus was getting to have snacks after supper. His very own bag of popcorn to spill AND a pretzel. And that was before we even got to our seats! We could have gone home right then and he would have thought it was a banner evening.

The Black Guy
In we marched, found our seats and sat down. And out popped a typical Jon statement. "Hey mom, why's that black guy got such a big belly?" Oh dear God. "Hey, Buddy? Let's ask questions in our quiet voice okay? And let's not talk about people's bellies." "But he keeps shaking it around. Look!" And of course he points. Why wouldn't he point?
Well it turns out the "black guy" was really a white umpire in a black shirt and hat, and his "belly" was that pad thing they wear to keep from getting whacked in the chest. Whew. Dodged that socially awkward bullet. After that it was so loud that nobody would be able to hear any of his chirping, so I felt pretty good about the rest of the night.

Giant Hot Dog
It was your typical baseball game. There were mascot races. Jon was terrified when the giant Kum and Go hotdog ran through the stands.

Cubby Bear-not wearing pants
Cubby Bear wandered around and hugged kids and pretended he didn't hear Jon ask why he didn't wear pants.

We headed home before the game was over, Jon was tired and was very sweetly asking if we could go home since it was dark. It was a great night. A night I was sure Jon would remember fondly for the rest of his life.
Not one that would end in screaming the whole way home.
Because for the love of everything holy, WE MISSED DORA.
A magical night of fun and snacking and mascots trumped by that little bitch and her talking monkey.
Thanks for nothing, Nick, Jr.

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